MOP invites prequalification project design and construction of the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) has open  the prequalification process for companies, firms, groups (consortia or accidental associations)  that may withdraw the bid for the project for the Design and Construction the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal.


Through this process, they will select companies that qualify for the act of selection of contractor bidding on this mega work that seeks to build an infrastructure crossing the Canal for public transport systems that provide connection to the city with the Western Canal areas. In particular the future line 3 of the Metro (Subway).


To carry out this bidding process, MOP invited in the first instance  companies to withdrawn the documents to bid for a route to the project site and to an explanatory meeting over technical aspects.


Subsequently, by mid-February will be held the approval meeting  that will aim to receive inquiries and comments from interested parties that pre-qualify for the act of selecting contractor  for the design and construction of the fourth bridge over the Canal.


It should be noted that the Ministry of Public Works notify proponents result of prequalification through electronic procurement on the “Panama Compra” site.


The objectives of the project are:


· Build the needed infrastructures to alleviate the problem of current traffic crossing over the Panama Canal and absorb future demands for vehicular traffic.


· To expand, rehabilitate and improve the road network of the City of Panama in the area by connecting it to the Northern Corridor and the construction of other necessary connections to the city, creating a road network in line with current and future traffic demands.


· Redistribute the city transit of the area to the new infrastructure, and easing the existing current traffic in the South (Coastal Strip and Balboa Ave.) and generally improving the service level of the main roads.


The fourth bridge over the Canal will carry a symmetric cable-stayed design with an approximate length between an expansion joints of 1118 meters, two towers in the form of an inverted Y, and the stiffening of  two planes of cables with semi harp configuration. Six lanes for vehicles, three for each direction are included; double rail track with a total width of about 54 meters; and clearance  of 75 meters over the waterway to allow the passage of current and post-panamax vessels.


The east tower will be set on the eastern shore, near the Balboa port, while the West Tower will be located in a large area of shallow water near the ship channel.


The project consists on the design and construction of all necessary  infrastructures to connect the Northern Corridor to the Panamerican highway through a new highway; It will be a platform that will host the future Metro line 3; the new highway will connect with the Pan American Highway and its future expansion in the Western area.


This mega project is expected to be build over a period of four years, and will benefit an estimated population of 1.7 million inhabitants.



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