Panama gives priority to the Regional Centre for Humanitarian Assistance

centro regional asistencia humanitaria


As part of the celebration of International Women’s Day, the Rotary Club of Panama South, invited as a special speaker to the General Director of Special Projects and International Cooperation of the Foreign Ministry, Sandra Lombardo, to share the progress of the Regional Logistics Center (CLRAH) Humanitarian assistance, also known as Humanitarian Hub.


Director Lombardo explained that this project confirms the vocation of service Panama, thanks to its privileged geopolitical position can offer a solid and effective platform for providing humanitarian assistance to countries in the region that are affected by disasters. The project is in its second phase in which three (3) warehouses belonging to users, an office building and a checkpoint integrated services customs, immigration and security will be built this in a period of twelve months. Since it is the center is scheduled to start operations in 2017, the government is seeking synergies with countries that already have centers of humanitarian assistance as in the case of the UAE, a country that shared with Panama experiences and best practices.


On the other hand, the Director Lombardo stressed that this center is of prime importance to the administration of President Varela and will be included in the national climate change strategy, for which soon will conduct a joint work with my environment.

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  1. This is interesting. We are starting a free clinic here on the Azuero in Agua Buena Tonosi. Any resources or ideas for funding would be appreciated. We have a land donation and a great start. for more info.


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