Panama among the countries most improved security

Panama is among the four most peaceful countries in Latin America and is the country that had the highest growth level of peace within the region.

Panama is among the countries that most improved its Global Peace Index 2016 , according to the Global Peace Index ( Global Peace Index ) report by the Institute for Economics and Peace , which specializes with offices in New York , Sydney institution. Brussels and Mexico.

The Global Peace Index takes into account national and international conflicts in which the country is involved , their internal security (evaluating a total of ten factors , including crime and terrorist activity ) and the level of militarization of the country , taking into account the military spending , among other data.

In 2016, Panama occupies the 49th position of 163 , up 15 places compared to 2015 and becoming the Latin American country with the highest growth level of peace within the region. In Central America, Panama ranks second , behind only Costa Rica, while Panama level in Latin America is positioned in fourth place , preceded by Chile , Costa Rica and Uruguay . According to the study , Panama significantly improves in the ranking because there is less likelihood of demonstrations and political instability occur.

Nationally , according to a report by the Integrated National System of Criminal Statistics ( Siec ) , which studies the crime situation in the Republic of Panama , during the first half of 2016 all provinces of the country have shown a decline in cases homicide compared to 2015. in fact, today Panama has the lowest homicide rate recorded in the last decade.

The results are echoed security strategy of the Government of the Republic of Panama , which has others have planted the fight against drug trafficking, demonstrated in the seizure of 36.4 tons of drugs and more than 500 arrested for drug trafficking in so far the year. The authorities also have achieved the dismantling of organizations involved in trafficking, making rescue 70 people exceeding 50 2015.

Link to see the report of the Global Peace Index :


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