Panama presents its condolences for the demise of the King of Thailand

The Government and People of the Republic of Panama, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, express their condolences to the Kingdom of Thailand for the demise of the Great King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

With the physical disappearance of Maharat Bhumibol Adulyadej, the ninth King of the Chakri dynasty, a unifying figure of the national independence, offer occupying the throne during 70 years, closes an era in the history of the Asiatic country.

To be mentioned the national and international achievements by King Rama IX, known among others, with the 2006 prize for the Program for the Development of the United Nations for the “compromise to long term for the development of the country”.

Besides being a Great King, Thailand and the world lost a painter, photographer, best-sellers author, translator, innovator in agriculture and traditional handicraft.

The Republic of Panama, which have strengthened the diplomatic relationship and cooperation with Thailand, established for more than three decades, unite with the Government, the People and the Royal House, for such a sensitive loss and present its best wishes for the continuous well-being of the Thai people.


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