Message from the Ambassador Maria del Carmen Martinez on the occasion of National day of Panama, November 3rd.

On this day, November 3rd, the Republic of Panama celebrates 113 years as an independent country with full sovereignty, reason for pride and celebration for both all Panamanians and foreigners who have chosen our country as their home.

I take this opportunity to congratulate all the Panamanians who live in Thailand and in the rest of the world and invite them to celebrate this special date with patriotism.

Our national motto: “Panama, Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe”, it is still consolidating and our country goes forward, with a growing and sustainable economy that place it as the second economy of the region.

Our unique geographical position allowed us to build the Panama Canal, for the purpose to unite the world through two oceans, and on June 26th of the present year, we finished successfully the expansion of Panama Canal, where have already transited 238 Neo-Panamax ships, capable of carrying triple burden than before, giving a strong boost to the economy of Panama and world maritime trade. This expansion, mainly carried out with Panamanian labor work, filled of pride and joy to our nation.

In our National Emblem says: “Pro Mundi Beneficio” which means for the benefit of the world, in that sense it is an achievement for us, to continue linking the whole world, facilitating global trade, and putting our country at the service to the international community.

We hereby, would like to kindly invite all the people of the Kingdom of Thailand to come and visit our country Panama, to appreciate and enjoy a country in an ambiance of brotherhood and happy sharing.

Congratulation Panama on the National Day!


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