Panamanian airport among the best points of air link

The International Airport of Tocumen stands out today as one of the best connecting points for direct flights to and from America, as well as Europe, at the end of the first trimester of 2017 with 3.7 million passengers.

According to figures from the institution, the air terminal registered an increase of 4.7 percent in the number of visitors from January to March this year, compared to the same period in 2016.

During those months 610,048 passengers entered Panamanian capital, most of them were attracted by the tourist promotion campaigns that the State carried out in different international markets, according to the port authority.

The authorities emphasized that there were 577,958 passengers that left the country’s main air terminal from January to March, reaching 83 direct destinations in 35 countries in America and Europe.

Moreover, the statistical report detailed that, on average, 42,000 passengers traveled, through or out of Tocumen daily during that period, while there were 2.6 million passengers on international flights (transit) via 23 airlines.

According to Carlos Duboy, the general manager of the airport, the high numbers of visitors reflect the promotion actions that the national Government develops in the defined markets as strategic, and the resources that are destined for the tourist campaigns.

“We don’t only receive more passengers, but also a greater number of currencies, and this results in benefits for hoteliers, merchants and tour operators, which leads to generate more employments,” he said.

During 2016, the main origins and destinations were Bogota (Colombia) with 862,188 travelers, followed by several European countries with 752,013; while, to and from San José (Costa Rica) 705,016 passengers were mobilized, Miami (United States) 703,406 and Caracas (Venezuela) more than 578,494 people.

Official statistics show that by the end of 2016 International Airport of Tocumen registered 14.7 million passengers, a figure that could increase in the coming years when the new building of 116,000 square meters of terminal two ( T2), which will have 20 new boarding gates, starts its operation in mid-2018.

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