Convivencia Panameña

2017-11-10 21.03.28-1

Bangkok, Thailand- On November 10, 2017, the event “Convivencia Panameña” was held for the first time at a cozy place of The Home, where the Panamanians and the Thais, who had been in Panama before, could enjoy the abundance and splendidness of Panamanian cultures.

H.E. María Martínez expressed the love of the homeland before the guests, referring to the isthmus as the home for everyone and encouraging the visit to the great Connection of Panama. Her Excellency cited to the national festivals, most of which is celebrated in November and also mentioned to all the milestones that Panama has been achieved from the past to the present.


The purpose of the event is to take an approach to the near future, where the social circumstances will be shared and converged on the cultural exchange. Thereby, The Panamanian community in Thailand will be larger and stronger, and this will contribute to create projects in the future. Likewise, the group of the Thai students whose roles are being gradually unwrapped is important to ensure that the similar events, which will be not only held a time per year, but also these will be unforgettable and memorable.

Lastly, we would like to express the appreciation to those attending the Convivencia Panameña, who would keep this pleasant memory of the Panamanian characteristics with them. Also, we would like to share the words of H.E. Juan Carlos Varela, President of the Republic of Panama, encouraging all the Panamanians around the world to be proud of the homeland. Viva Panama!

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