Water Leverage: Similarities between Panama Canal and Thailand’s late king project at Pak Phanang River in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

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The Embassy of Panama in The Kingdom of Thailand attended a visit to 1 of the chosen 10 Late King’s project to initiate a pilot program for direct visitors to this areas in development.  King Bhumibol’s wisdom focused on spreading the sufficiency economy principle and his effort to inform the locals of the opportunity they have.

Societies tend to nest near river flows since it represent resources of its inhabitants, but it he recent years, we have been fighting with the dilemma of achieving an Eco-friendly development, well, as seen on the Panama Canal Expansion project, the proper study of the soil, fauna, map and behavior of water helps in taking advantage of it.

The Challenge:

In Panama we had different sea levels, having to be creative into balancing a route for huge vessels to make it to the other side of the transoceanic route. at Pak Phanang River the challenge is to separate river water from Thailand Bay’s water, It is well known that Late King Bhumipol had passion and vision for the proper manage of water resources, is no surprise that after many years of study and hard work it is a milestone for the area to achieve an engineering magnificent.


The Panama Canal has a way much higher benefit to the whole country if we compare in terms of economic standards, but in terms of quality of life, both Royal Project and Panama Canal represent a solid step forward a solid future for the communities the depends of a proper management of water resources.

The Pilot Tourism Routes are as follow:

2914762source: Bangkok Post

H.E. María Martinez is grateful for the invitation and the amazing work performed by the TAT in guiding, informing and hosting us along the trip around this wonderful milestone for the Pak Phanang region and exhort all Panamanians to include one of this 10 routes among their trip list at Amazing Thailand.

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