Panama aims to bring adventurers from Thailand.


The captivating amount of information that Thailand has experienced about Panama recently motivated The Embassy of Panama in Thailand to assist and coordinate a mutual exchange program that shows another side of the country that unites the world, Panama.

By the hand of The First Ultimate, a popular tourism TV Show in Thailand, the Authority of Tourism of Panama aims to bring a more adventurer segment of tourism that seeks unique experiences. Such as the best spot for a picture, the most exotic meals at wonderer locations, top quality music events and much more…

2019-02-05 20.42.32

H.E. Maria Martinez and her staff have provided guidelines for the production to aim in capturing in order to enhance the still growing cultural exchange between Thailand and Panama have been experiencing recently; Also, assembled a follow-up program in order to properly.

The crew will go to Panama on April 2019, visiting the volcanic region of Chiriqui, the forest of Gamboa, both Pacific and Atlantic coast and finally the glamorous and delightful capital, in which another side of the Panama Canal can be experienced, the program will be aired in PPTV further on this year and aims to motivate a younger audience to visit Panama.

Stay tuned for more Panathai news.


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