Panama participates with a delegation of 5 Panamanians hungry to grow, learn and fight at the highest level of this discipline. This year marks the 16th edition of the Muay Thai World Championship, the event of the World Muay Federation (WMF) was organized in partnership with the Muay Thai World Alliance (Ministry of Culture of Thailand) under the banner of the World Festival of MuayThai, and an event sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and Sports Education and the Department of Cultural Promotion. Organized by Legend Siam, Pattaya and under the sponsorship of the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, General Chatchai Sarikalya.


On Sunday, March 11, fighters from all over the world gathered at the multi-event center called “Leyend Siam”, located in Pattaya, Thailand, where Panama was present with the delegation presided by the coach and precursor of Muay Thai in Panama , Giovanni Carrielo and his 4 disciples, Galo Macías (57 kg), Benedicto Chang (60 kg), Moisés Santizo (71 kg) and Alexander Russel (75 kg), who under the guidance of “Gianni” have visited centers of Thai culture where the best Muay Thai fighters in the kingdom work. In turn, these have lived for the first time and intimately the benefits, qualities and various facets that involve this discipline.

On the opening night, two Panamanian contenders saw action. The first, Alexander Russel who offered a fairly balanced and close fight that was defined by a dubious blow to the head when he was already on the canvas at the end of the first round, for which the officer declared TKO to safeguard the integrity of the fighter, at the end of the fight, his rival from Italy offered his respects and both gave way to a fraternal recognition for having fought.


The Isthmian delegation did not lower its head and the hubbub of the small Panamanian bar spread to locals who came to watch the participation of the next fighter, Benedicto Chan. He performed the rituals of preparation while the Panamanian tricolor shouted “Panama !, Panama! Panama!” To the side, trying to motivate “Benny” to achieve the first victory win within the framework of the Muay Thai Festival.

The rival of “Benny” was a hardened contender from Albania, who started at a rather strenuous pace, with “Benny” leading the best part by connecting concretely and repeatedly to his opponent in the first two rounds, but it was not surprising that the Algerian rival will offer his greatest potential in the last and third assault when “Benny” already felt a little fatigued by the effort, in the end, Panama managed to obtain the victory by score and with this the joy of those who rowed for this.


The Panamanian Chang expressed his gratitude for the kindness of the Thai culture, the hospitality offered, the gastronomic variety and the beautiful experience of growing within a discipline that means so much to him. It should be noted that Benedict Chang calls on the Panamanian population to eradicate the stigma that lies over Thailand and the discipline of Muay Thai, in order that more people visit the kingdom and as a consequence the Panamanian authorities pay more attention to the various sports disciplines that are booming worldwide and their athletes.


The Muay Thai festival continues until March 18 with various activities and competitions, the Ambassador of Panama in Thailand, S.E. María Martínez wishes to thank the delegation and the WMF (World Muay Federation) team for their assistance: Mr. Saysamone Sayasone, President, Gen. Tunwakom Tippayachan, Vice President, Antonio Krauss, General Secretary and Gabrielle Murg, Executive Vice President, who made this experience unforgettable and invites everyone to continue supporting future delegations that participate and grow with the most traditional sports discipline in Thailand.

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