Panamanian flavor fair


In order to promote the PANAMA EXPORTA seal, The Embassy of Panama to the Kingdom of Thailand organized a showcase of Panamanian Products to introduce the audience to the Panamanian flavor.

Many panamanians companies are reaching a world quality standard level and are aiming to reach to new markets, some of these companies might have an oportunity in Thailand, that’s why members of the private sector, imports, and diplomatic corps reunited at the Bangkok Club to witness it by first hand.


The presentation started with the groundbreaking folkloric dance of the Panathai Folkloric Group, which started as a collaboration with Concordian International School and it’s Panamanian staff, afterward, H.E. Maria Martinez gave a speech to wide up details about the Panama Exporta seal, the meaning behind it and its objectives.

The Master of Ceremony of the night went thru every booth with the company of two gorgeous ladies dressed up in national Panamanian costumes. The rundown contained an explanation about the manufacturing, packaging, ingredients, traditions, sampling, and quality of the each displayed product, of which the selected ones were Rum, Coffee and Spicy sauce.


In the end, each guest had the chance to taste each product and utilizing a QR code could leave its feedback and request more information, also the full database of Panama Exporta is already uploaded in

We would like to invite people to visit our website to check the full list.

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