Panamanian flavor fair

In order to promote the PANAMA EXPORTA seal, The Embassy of Panama to the Kingdom of Thailand organized a showcase of Panamanian Products to introduce the audience to the Panamanian flavor. Many panamanians companies are reaching a world quality standard level and are aiming to reach to new markets, some of these companies might haveContinue reading “Panamanian flavor fair”

Panama Exporta: List of companies interested in the ASEAN Market

Empresa Contacto Teléfono Correo Sector           El Huacal, S. A. Plinio Ruiz 730-9419 Coffee Café de Panama (Café la Huella) Pedro Moss 6780-7317   Coffee Finca Lerida, S.A. Sonia Amoruso 720-2470   Coffee Beneficios de Café de Boquete, S.A. Norberto Suárez 776-0372   Coffee Café Kotowa, S.A.Continue reading “Panama Exporta: List of companies interested in the ASEAN Market”

Visit Panama Diplomatic MiniFootball Cup 2019 – All for MiniFootball and MiniFootball for all

Bangkok, Thailand – On Saturday, March 16th, the 1st edition of the Diplomatic MiniFootball Cup 2019 brought together 8 teams composed of different Embassies and International organizations in order to participate in this friendly competition that aims to get funds to aid young categories in Thailand.


Panama participates with a delegation of 5 Panamanians hungry to grow, learn and fight at the highest level of this discipline. This year marks the 16th edition of the Muay Thai World Championship, the event of the World Muay Federation (WMF) was organized in partnership with the Muay Thai World Alliance (Ministry of Culture of Thailand) under the banner of the World Festival of MuayThai, and an event sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and Sports Education and the Department of Cultural Promotion. Organized by Legend Siam, Pattaya and under the sponsorship of the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, General Chatchai Sarikalya.

Más que un arte marcial, un ritual de respeto: Festival de Muay Thai

Panamá participa con una delegación de 5 panameños con hambre de crecer, aprender y pelear en el máximo nivel de esta disciplina. Este año se realiza la 16ta edición del Campeonato Mundial de Muay Thai, el evento de la Federación Mundial de Muay (WMF) se organizó en asociación con la Alianza Mundial de Muay Thai (Ministerio de Cultura de Tailandia) bajo la bandera del Festival Mundial de MuayThai, y un evento patrocinado por el Ministerio de Cultura, Ministerio de Turismo y Deportes de la educación y el departamento de promoción cultural. Organizado por Legend Siam, Pattaya y bajo el patrocinio del Viceprimer Ministro de Tailandia, el general Chatchai Sarikalya.

Panama aims to bring adventurers from Thailand.

The captivating amount of information that Thailand has experienced about Panama recently motivated The Embassy of Panama in Thailand to assist and coordinate a mutual exchange program that shows another side of the country that unites the world, Panama. By the hand of The First Ultimate, a popular tourism TV Show in Thailand, the AuthorityContinue reading “Panama aims to bring adventurers from Thailand.”

Pope Francis leaves a fraternal message of peace at the end of WYD in Panama.

The President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, bid farewell in Terminal 2 of the Tocumen International Airport, to his Holiness Pope Francis, who made an official visit to Panama, which began on Wednesday, January 23 to head the World Day of the Youth (WYD) and that concluded this Sunday. The President said thank GodContinue reading “Pope Francis leaves a fraternal message of peace at the end of WYD in Panama.”

Cultural project unites the world in the 8th Celebration of Thai Silk.

The 8th celebration of Thai silk brought together more than 35 countries with the participation of designers, models and production personnel of international standards; Panama could not miss out, and as a part of the Cultural Exchange Program from the Embassy of Panama in Thailand, it achieve its 3rd consecutive participation, highlighting Panama’s development inContinue reading “Cultural project unites the world in the 8th Celebration of Thai Silk.”

Cooperación audiovisual llevará el encanto de Tailandia a los panameños.

En el 2018, la Embajada del Panamá en Tailandia y la Autoridad de Turismo de Tailandia llegaron a un acuerdo de cooperación para impulsar producciones audiovisuales que promuevan el turismo en ambas regiones, cada país envía un equipo con el fin de producir un largometraje o documental que destaque aspectos culturales que desconozca su audiencia.Continue reading “Cooperación audiovisual llevará el encanto de Tailandia a los panameños.”

Panamanian cinema at the 1st Film Festival in Spanish made in Thailand.

From November 21 to 28, the Spanish-speaking audience in Bangkok was dazzled by the exhibition of the seventh art in the renovated amphitheater of the French Alliance, in the city of Bangkok, Thailand, cultural project coordinated between the embassies of Colombia, Peru, Panama, Mexico and Spain, within the framework of the promotion of cultural activitiesContinue reading “Panamanian cinema at the 1st Film Festival in Spanish made in Thailand.”